Photo by Barba Hickman

Photo by Barba Hickman.

Applied Clarity, Inc. offers a proven methodology and set of programs to help companies, teams and individuals create a clear path to success.

  • 1 Discover

    Uncover critical perceptions and untapped guidance of your most critical stakeholders.

  • 2 Analyze

    Identify and analyze root causes for missed opportunities or unfavorable outcomes.

  • 3 Implement

    Develop a measurable plan to address oversights and quickly achieve optimal results.

Increasing Revenue Potential by Strengthening Relationships with Top Clients and Prospects
  • Convert strategic accounts to loyal business partners and advocates by asking for and responding to their wants and recommendations.
  • Build partnerships with key customer executives to increase retention. Provide the precise form of thought-leadership that your influential decision-makers respect.
  • Multiply your strategy accounts by converting new prospects into loyal admirers of your industry leadership.
Cultivating Individual Leadership through Transformational Coaching
  • Create an express path to success for newly hired or promoted leaders by ensuring they have the tools and skills necessary for developing high-performance teams.
  • Cultivate the strategic leadership potential of a current leader to improve staff and team performance and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Develop the focus, skill or diplomacy capability for individual contributors targeted for potential advancement.
Building High-Performance Teams and Strategic Organizations
  • Transform a group of isolated high-performers into a precision-tuned, high-performance team.
  • Expand the focus of deadline-driven teams to consistently identify and seize overlooked strategic opportunities.
  • Improve employee and team satisfaction by uncovering issues that cause high-performers to relent or abandon the team.