Photo by Barba Hickman

Photo by Barba Hickman.

Apply clarity to discover facts.   Apply clarity to set priorities.
Apply clarity to achieve success.

Applied Clarity, Inc. delivers objective, fact-based research and resultant strategic recommendations to help companies, teams and individuals identify and overcome barriers to success. Clarity comes from uncovering existing but unknown perceptions, opportunities and challenges, and then driving critical consensus to deliver innovative plans with measurable deliverables. Together with our clients, we devise sound programs for forward progress.

By conducting anonymous interviews with key constituents (external and internal customers, influencers or colleagues) to identify both the strengths and the gaps in targeted programs, team dynamics and individual leadership.

By developing sound, measurable plans and driving accountability for applying new clarity to improved approaches.

By having consultations with your most vital stakeholders to discover significant, and often obvious, opportunities that have been overlooked in our deadline-driven world that leaves so little room for daily strategic reflection.

By facilitating negotiations among diverse personalities when difficult decisions have far-reaching consequences.

If you are not achieving the results you desire,
your assumptions may be flawed.

Clarity … At Last